June to September (Chinook ‘King’ Fishing)

Locally in Comox Valley the favorite fishing destination for these beauties is Kitty Coleman or the Lighthouse off Campbell River. Depending on the runs coming buy at the time we will be departing from Pacific Playgrounds Resort or Comox Harbour Marina. Depending on what the Customer wants and hot spots at the time we can also fish North of Campbell River where the biggest local Chinook in 2010 was 72 lbs

June to September (Coho ‘Silver’ Fishing)

During the early summer and into fall on the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, anglers also catch Coho Salmon. This fishery was consistent in our waters for the summer of 2010 season.

September to October (Chum Fishing)

Fishing during these months is excellent for catching Chum. Quickly becoming a popular Sports Fish, good scrappers ranging from 8-25 pounds. Our boat was the Browns Bay Chum Derby champ in 2010 winning both Biggest Fish (sixteen and a quarter pound Chum) and Biggest Aggregate for the Derby (4 Chum totaling 48 pounds).